AMD's RX480 benchmarks and custom versions begin to surface

AMD's Radeon RX480 first benchmarks and custom versions begin to leak as we get near to its launch date (29th June). 

Radeon RX480 custom versions

AMD's board partners already have custom versions prepared for launch in the next weeks. One of them is Sapphire's RX 480 Nitro, which improves over reference design by adding a better aftermarket cooler (but maintaining the reference power delivery to just 1-6pin connector).

We can expect this card to be very power efficient if we compare this with previous AMD 6-pin designs like the Radeon's HD7850/270 which ended drawing only 100-110 watts with a typical gaming load.

Then we have another aftermarket version leaked: the MSI RX 480 Lightning, which should follow the classic Lightning route pushing the chip to its limits.

RX480 Lightning power connectors

The interesting thing about this card is the 6+8 pin design which implies the chip may scale very well with overclocking (remember the 8-pin connector delivers 150watts more to the graphics card).

Radeon RX480 FireStrike Ultra Performance

Finally we have some leaks about the card's performance, thanks again to chiphell people. The card scores abut ~3268 points running 3dMark firestrike ultra preset, which puts it just on top of the Radeon R9 390X videocard. This score is impressive if we take into account the card consumes about 100-110watts, which implies more than 2X performance per watt improvement over the previous generation.