Nvidia strikes back with Geforce GTX1060

On 29th June AMD released their mainstrem Radeon RX 480 graphics card, now its time for Nvidia to strike back with the Geforce GTX1060.

GTX 1060

These days some Nvidia slides were leaked about their upcoming GTX1060. Apparently the VGA will be released on July 7.

Better than RX 480 in every metric

If the leak is real, the GTX 1060 not only will come just in time to compete with AMD's RX 480, but to completely dominate it. Nvidia claims it will bring about 15% more performance, at much lower power consumption.

We have to remember that marketing slides always try to put products in best possible light, and given the specs the slides shows, its hard to believe it will be much faster than a RX 480 (its specs shows basically half a 1080 running at the same speeds).